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    1. You are not allowed to use any kind of harmful softwares that may influence the game

    2. Not allowed to buy or sell items for real money, virtual currencies, cards, vouchers, skins, etc

    3. Abusive Language
    1. Discriminating a Country, Race or Tribe / Religion will be penalized with a mininum of 5 days character or account ban. This is a bannable offence in all messaging systems (whisper, normal chat, /post, inboxes, etc.)
    * If you discriminate any of the staff directly with their Country, Race, Tribe or Religion, Gender and Sexual Orientation we will permanently ban your character and account and possible account deletion.

    Bannable: "[Country Name] sucks" - (did not want to mention a specific country)
    Not bannable: "[Country Name] health care system sucks"

    2. If you insult a staff member in any way, it will result in a permanent character and account ban and possible account deletion. This is a bannable offence in all messaging systems (whisper, normal chat, /post, inboxes, etc.)
    * Once the staff gave a final verdict to a topic or report then it is no longer a discussion. If you do so, your character and account will be suspended without further warning.

    3. Any insults that involve anyone’s family members (grandparents, mom, dad, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, fiance, husband or wife, boyfriends and or girlfriends,etc) will result in your character or account being suspended. (No exception! No family members should be included in your insults.) This is a bannable offence in all messaging systems (whisper, normal chat, /post, inboxes, etc.) Only words that can insult your family areconsidered bannable.

    Bannable: "MotherFc*ker” / “I raped your mom last night”
    Not bannable: "Call your mom” / “I love your mom”, “Say hi to your mom” / “Hide in your mom’s dress” / “Tell that to your mom”

    4. Any kind of vulgar words posted in /post or /gpost will result in your character / account being temporarily muted or banned, depending on how serious the words being used were.

    5. Direct insults towards a player's life will not be tolerated. Insults like this can drive accessible people who may or may not be diagnosed with any Psychological Disorders to their death beds. Accessible people or some people may feel emotionally, physically and mentally distraught and could lead them to take their life and we don't tolerate that in here. This violation will give you 2 to 5 days ban and a possible permanent ban without warning. You may not be responsible on how they react or feel and how they will plan on coping with such insult but sometimes, we as human beings, need to be respectful.

    Example: If someone asks you in-game or forum how to do this and that and they asked nicely, please don't answer stuff like "Grow up kid and take your life" or "go kill yourself noob". When you reply like that, it shows so much about you as a person and it doesn't matter if it's a game or real life.

    4. Account security

    5. Offensive or discriminatory names and simillar names to staff members or server name are not allowed

    6. Disrespect towards our server or staff members or spreading false rumours is not allowed

    7. Fraud or theft attempts are not allowed

    8. Not allowed to advertise other servers or websites

    9. The user will not take responsabilities, or act as a Game Master, or as Admin

    10. Guilds must comply with these rules

    11. Server donations

    12. Refund policy

    13. Global messages abuse ( /post )

    14. Personal Stores

    15. Excessive PK (against novice characters only)

    These rules may be changed without any notice.
    Staff members have the full authority to warn and ban you with no questions asked.
    Staff members DO NOT have to follow these guidelines if they feel the issue is serious enough.
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