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    Valor is an exclusive currency that can be obtained after your character reaches 100 resets.
    Valor Points can only be obtained in our x100 muonline server.

    Once you reached 100 resets, every new reset you make will be rewarded with 100 Valor Points that you can spend in our valor shop to buy various items such as golden fenrir, wings of conqueror, wings of angel and devil and much more. These items are not permanent however and will expire after a certain period of time, therefore you will need to make additional resets to gain more valor points and buy them again after their expiration date. More items and additional options will be available in time, as the game progresses and players advance with the in-game items crafting in order to ensure balance.

    Valor Points cannot be obtained through any form of payment but only by playing the game and making resets so please do not send us real money offers as we do not sell them.
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