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    Version: Season 10 Episode 3
    Regular Experience: 1000x
    Master Level Experience: 100x
    Max Level: 400
    Max Master Level: 370
    Reset from lvl 400, Stats Burns!
    Stats for each reset: 500 (Accumulative)
    Max Resets: 50
    Grand Reset Available From 50 Resets
    Grand Reset Bonus: 5000 Stats + 1000 Rebirth Points
    Max Grand Resets: Unlimited
    Max Stats: 32767

    Resets Reward System: On every reset you will be rewarded with in-game WCoins currency.

    Endgame Reward System: The game doesn't stop at 50 resets because this is the moment when your character rebirths and for each individual rebirth you will be rewarded with various stats bonuses together with an exclusive currency - Rebirth Points - that can only be obtained by playing the game. You can spend the rebirth points to upgrade and buy awesome permanent items inside the Rebirth Shop.

    No Items Shop!
    Max Life: +16
    Max Excellent Options: 2
    Max Socket Options: 3
    Max Socket Two-Handed Weapons: 5
    Socket + Excellent: Disabled
    Ancient + Excellent: Disabled
    Items 380 + Excellent: Enabled
    Monster Spots: 4-6 (available on minimap) in all maps
    Party Bonus System (increased experience in party)
    Experience Bonus System (increased experience in different events)
    MU Official Helper From Level 1
    Playtime Reward: Goblin Points
    Reconnect System
    Auto-Party System
    Devias Ring (PvP)
    Blood Castle may drop Excellent AA Weapons
    Offtrade System: Sell your items for WCoins in Lorencia
    The Golden Colossus event may drop Wings of Angel & Devil (expirable)

    All level 400 items (Weapons, Sets, Wings, etc) can be worn by 2nd class, they don't require 3rd quest completion.
    After reset, all 380 & 400 level items will preserve their in-game bonuses even if you are level 1.

    Soul Success Rate: 100% (with luck)
    Soul Success Rate: 80% (without luck)
    Life Success Rate: 80%

    Wings Mix Rate: 100% ~ 50%
    Dark Horse and Spirit Mix Rate: 60%
    Normal Items Mix Rate +10 ~ +15 = 70% ~ 60%
    Excellent Items Mix Rate +10 ~ +15 = 60% ~ 50%
    Socketed Items Mix Rate +10 ~ +15 = 50% ~ 40%
    Pentagram Items Mix Rate +10 ~ +15 = 50% ~ 40%

    Luck option increases success rates by additional +25% when upgrading items.
    Talisman of luck increases success rates by additional +10% when upgrading items.
    All mix rates are increased compared to the original default settings.

    Rage Fighter - Requires level 200 character
    Grow Lancer - Requires level 200 character
    Magic Gladiator - Requires level 220 character
    Dark Lord - Requires level 250 character

    Only numbers and letters are allowed in character name, no symbols.

    PvM and PvP balance is effective at MAX STATS 32767!

    Some characters will have more damage than the others during low resets, that's the only way to balance classes since this game has not been originally created to have resets.

    No Party 1 Player = 100% Experience
    Normal Party 2 Players = 105% Experience
    Normal Party 3 Players = 110% Experience
    Normal Party 4 Players = 115% Experience
    Normal Party 5 Players = 120% Experience

    Gold Party 3 Players = 120% Experience
    Gold Party 4 Players = 125% Experience
    Gold Party 5 Players = 130% Experience

    Normal Party = At least 2 same class characters in party.
    Gold Party = Only unique classes characters in party.

    Non-PvP Maps: Lost Towers, Tarkan, Icarus and Crywolf.

    /addcmd x (str,agi,vit,ene,cmd)

    Note: A lot more features are available so make sure to discover them in-game.
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