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    For twose who wish to use the forum marketplace section, the following rules apply:
    • Thread Prefixes: When creating a new thread always select a thread prefix! WTB = Want To Buy , WTS = Want to sell , WTT = Want To Trade
    • Bump Limitation: You (or your friends) are not allowed to bump your thread within six (6) hours of the last post/bump, use the EDIT POST feature instead.
    • Thread limitation: If you have multiple items to trade then create one thread for all of them. If you complete one trade thread then you can open another just don't overdo it.
    • Keep it clean: Don't spam trade threads with random things or conversation (unless it is for the purpose of a bump, which still has to be within six hours.). They are trade threads, not discussion threads nor hot spam threads. Please refrain from making offers in a thread, but rather PM the thread starter.
    Note: All users have a (No Limit) time of editing own posts inside the marketplace forums so you may edit and update your buy/ sell lists anytime you want and simply bump them when needed.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.