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    This guide also applies in case you are moving between servers such as going to Event Squre or Crywolf map and moving back to the Regular Servers.
    You are able to maintain the party after being disconnected through the Party Matching system.
    Once you reconnect you will be auto added back to the party, even if other members are afk.

    To create a party through the Matching system simply follow the steps listed below:
    • Press N to open the Party Matching windows
    • Choose Party, then press Find Party Members
    • Description = party name
    • Use Password = party password
    • Auto Accept = if party is auto or the party leader has to accept it
    • Minimum & Under = minimum and maximum level for party in case you wish to customise it (leave 0 for any level)
    • Battle = the map name where you are leveling
    • Class = what characters you are looking for to join
    • After filling the information press Register
    • The party has been created

    In order for others to join the part they must press N, then click Party, search for the party name and click Join.

    Note: If party leader is disconnect then the party will be closed so it's recommended to pick the party leader based on the stability of the internet connectivity.
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