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    Hello everyone,

    As some of you would have noticed by now, our forum was down for the past few days due to an unexpected maintenance inside of the datacenter where it was hosted. While the websites and the servers have not been affected at all by this as they are hosted by a different hosting company the forums downtime was really unfortunate as we were actually planning to migrate all the files to a new company this weekend and two days before my plan this downtime came totally unexpected. The frustration is real because if we knew the situation was that serious and we would have been informed by their technicians that's going to take a few days I would have restored the backup that was automatically taken right before the downtime which I just did, rather than waiting for their services to come back online. I'm telling you, chances for this to have happend were like 0.01% which makes me think that I should have played the lottery that day because no one could have been "luckier". I must admit, it's partly our fault too in the technical department that we were not able to foresee the downtime to happen but no one imagined that it's going to take that long considering we never had more than like 10 minutes of services downtime in twelve years of existence. As most of you would say, it was just the forums being down for a few days and the forum activity doesn't come anywhere close to the in-game activity, besides the email support and in-game support from admins have made the forum downtime unnoticeable for most players but this was still really frustrating for us and for some of you who visit the forums on a daily basis. Anyhow, the forums are back up now!

    During the next days we shall acquire a new dedicated server and setup a high availability platform for the forums in order to replicate live all the data between two different servers just as we are currently doing with our websites so in case one of the webservers goes down, the forums and everything will switch to a secondary server and remain online and stable so this will never happen again. Of course, we always take often backups of everything which is very important as we just restored one today but in this particular scenario we decided to wait especially since we were given few deadlines for the forums to get back online which unfortunately were not respected, otherwise we would have restored that recent backup from day one if we had knew it's going to take a few days for them to solve this situation. Thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience.
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    No worries.

    Thank you and team for the hard work.
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