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    Use of and participation in GameSymbol's forums are contingent upon your acceptance of the following terms and rules. By participating in the interactive community, you acknowledge your acceptance of these terms. Please make yourself familiar with the rules and regulations before posting. The forums are here to encourage community building, and for gamers to congregate and interact by sharing information, etc.

    To ensure continued success we are posting these guidelines so that all participants of the GameSymbol forums understand what is considered unacceptable behavior and can result in a temporary suspension or a permanent ban from both the forum and even possibly the game.

    Respectful Conduct:

    This includes respect to your fellow user and respect for GameSymbol staff. The Administrators and the rest of staff work very hard for the community, so please respect their efforts. Disrespect towards Administrators and Moderators will not be tolerated.
    • Not responding to or ignoring staff members' warnings will lead to suspension.
    • Personal attacks and flaming are prohibited. This specifically means any text/post that is blatantly attacking another person on or off the site, especially in a personal way. If you have an issue with a staff or member of the forum please contact the highest ranked staff members of this community.
    • Typing in all CAPS is considered "shouting". You will be asked to edit your post or it will be deleted.
    • Continual disregard for forum rules will lead to your posting privileges being removed or your account banned.
    • Creating multiple forum accounts is forbidden, the staff will take instant action without a warning in this case.


    • Please DO NOT post links to hacks, cheats, or any resources about this what so ever. Doing so will result in an immediate ban.

    Posting Rules:

    • Spamming the forum is prohibited. We have a Off-Topic section for this, so please keep all the spam in there. You will be warned if this activity is noted outside of such section, and you may be suspended if you don't stop.
    • Any off topic posts made outside of the Off-Topic section will be deleted, as well as responses to the off topic post. Excessive off topic posting will result in suspension. Please keep in mind that there are some topics that are not appropriate for the forums period. The forums are not the place for individual conversations, please use the private messaging service for that.
    • "Relevant Conversation": Keep in mind when posting that there is a time and place for everything. Please do not deviate from the forum's main topic.
    • Topic "hijacking" will not be allowed. "Hijacking" is asking your own questions on someone else's thread. Please open a new thread if you have a question.
    • "Quality Content": Only post comments and content that is relevant to the community. Posts that lack any substance such as "nice" or "awesome" will be deleted as they will be considered post spamming.
    • Advertising is not allowed. Advertising of other boards is prohibited, any advertising of this kind found on these forums will be removed and an infraction will be issued.

    Personal Information:

    • Participants shall not post messages containing personal information including but not limited to full name, home address, email address or telephone numbers in the public areas.

    Inappropriate Content:

    Any use of inappropriate content will not be tolerated. This includes drama threads and attempts to cause drama. Any content that includes inappropriate content will be deleted. If deemed necessary by GameSymbol staff, the user in offense may be suspended or permanently banned.
    • Use of inappropriate language will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, statements, images, usernames, and words that are sexual, vulgar, obscene, profane, defamatory, abusive, hateful, bigoted, or otherwise offensive to others, thinly-veiled obscenities (using alternate letters/symbols), harassment and verbal attacks intended to belittle, humiliate, threaten, or cause embarrassment to another Member, and material advocating or discussing illegal activities.
    • Posting of pornography, racist or otherwise discriminating remarks, threats to cause physical or mental harm, extreme offensive language, material that breaks any law or otherwise totally unacceptable posts or links to pages that contain the aforementioned material will result in an immediate suspension and possible ban from the site.

    Signature Rules:

    In order to prevent the forum's deformation signatures have a maximum width and height. If your signature exceeds the maximum allowed size, it will be removed without prior notice.
    • Signature Max. size: 500 x 150 (px)
    • Signature Max. lines: 5
    • Signature Max. links: 5 (cannot contain any form of advertising)

    GameSymbol Administration.
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