Announcement Eternal MU x1000 Opening on 2 September

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    Server opens Saturday, 2 September at 12:00 Server Time

    Version: Season 10 Episode 3
    Regular Experience: 1000x
    Master Experience: 100x

    Reset from lvl 400, Stats Burns!
    Stats for each reset: 500 (Accumulative)
    Max Resets: 50
    Grand Reset Available From 50 Resets
    Grand Reset Bonus: 5000 Stats + 1000 Rebirth Points
    Max Grand Resets: Unlimited
    Max Stats: 32767
    Resets Reward System
    Endgame Reward System

    Soul Success Rate: 100% (with luck)
    Soul Success Rate: 80% (without luck)
    Life Success Rate: 80%

    No Items Shop!
    Socket + Excellent: Disabled
    Ancient + Excellent: Disabled
    Items 380 + Excellent: Enabled
    Reconnect System, Off-Trade, Auto Party
    Monster Spots (available on minimap) in all maps
    New Character, New Features, New Maps, New Events, New Bosses

    PvM and PvP balance is effective at MAX STATS!

    More info and detailed server configuration coming soon.
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