Announcement Eternal MU x10 (No Resets) Opening on 7 July

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    We are a long term MU Online community that exists for over twelve years and one of the very few that really cares about its players and offers the best possible gameplay that you can find on a private server. During the years, we have improved our skills and thinking so everyone can enjoy MU Online at its best by playing on our near to bugless servers based on premium paid files.

    Version: Season 10 Episode 3
    Regular Experience: 10x
    Master Level Experience: 5x
    Max Level: 400
    Max Master Level: 370
    No Resets

    Soul Success Rate: 90% (with luck)
    Soul Success Rate: 70% (without luck)
    Life Success Rate: 70%

    No Items Shop
    Max Excellent Options: 2
    Max Socket Options: 3
    Max Socket Two-Handed Weapons: 5
    Socket + Excellent: Disabled
    Ancient + Excellent: Disabled
    Items 380 + Excellent: Disabled
    Reconnect System, Off-Trade, Auto Party
    New Character, New Features, New Maps, New Events, New Bosses
    Monster Spots: 4-6 (available on minimap) in all maps designed for Normal Level, default GMO-like spots for Master level in rest of maps
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    We are giving everyone the opportunity to earn free credits for our Non-Reset Server (x10) before the grand opening day on 7 July and all you need to do is register an account and vote for our server. Each valid vote will be rewarded with credits that you can convert into WCoins and use to buy various in-game buffs or pets from the PowerUP Shop (X).